Saints Row IV, PS4 review

SR4_packFrom lowly beginnings the Saints Row games have taken it upon themselves to be a little less hip-hop while more and more crazy, however there is no doubting the ‘balls to the wall’ sense of humour and the ability to embrace the ridiculous in their worlds.

Saints Row IV on the last generation of consoles was effectively a re-skin of Saints Row 3, the story, should you call it that was beyond ‘out there’. After a short intro that wraps up saving the world and dropping you (literally) into the hot seat at the Whitehouse, there is an interlude where you get to wield your Presidential powers for a few minutes. Then an alien invasion breaks the monotony and sets up the narrative. It is a Saints game through and through, ridiculous weapons, overdone caricatures and Keith David.

Saints Row IV: Re-Elected_20150211211241

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Dragon Age Inquisition Review (Xbox One)

DAI - CoverI once explained the cost of gaming to someone by breaking it down to a cost per hour and compared it to various other entertainments. Golf, three hours on a good day – $5 to $50 an hour. Ten Pin Bowling – $20 an hour. Go Karts – $60 an hour. Even a movie comes in at around $10 an hour.

Where is this going?

Well I just finished the main storyline of Dragon Age Inquisition, have a few left over things to complete but I can say now that it has cost me less than 50 cents an hour for this entertainment. Deluxe Edition, around $130. Time to complete main storyline, 262 hours! Now that is bang for your buck!

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Little Big Planet 3, PS4 review

LBP3_packLittle Big Planet as Media Molecule and the voice Stephen Fry like to indicate is a world of wonder, they’re not wrong.

It’s rare in a market flooded with violence to find such charm and family appeal in as comprehensive package as this. Since Sackboy burst onto the PS2 scene Media Molecule have built their brand on quirky platforming that has it’s own standout style.

This third outing in the universe is no different, from the easy to play nature to the begging to be touched textures that adorn the scenery and that particular MM sense of humour. It’s all there in spades.

The series has always offered depth in customisation and this version builds strongly upon that, being able to dress and tweak the appearance of your sackperson is both fun and functional. Then the extent of possibilities through the creative tools are virtually limitless, but they will probably take a considerable amount of study to be producing something as slick as an in-game level. Of course one of the big draws of this Little Big Planet is the fact that Sackboy isn’t on his (or her in the case of Sackgirl) own…

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Assassin’s Creed Rogue Review (Xbox 360)

AC Rogue - BoxThe Assassin’s Creed franchise has become a regular and well known release over the last few years. Admittedly there has been a few average titles but overall this has been one franchise you can count on to give you some top notch gaming time.

The most recent releases were split with Assassin’s Creed Unity going to the latest generation of consoles and Assassin’s Creed Rogue going to the last generation of machines. Like anyone with systems from both generations, I am always keen to get titles on the new one over the old one, but this time it seems fate dealt me a good hand in the form of the highly polished, and stable, Assassin’s Creed Rogue. Even if it is a bit of a ‘been there, done that’ experience. You don’t stop drinking beer just because you have had one before, do you?

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Far Cry 4, PS4 review

Ubisoft show what they can do with a franchise that doesn’t get pumped out every 12 months.

FC4_packYou know what to expect with a FarCry game. Lush environments, bags of atmosphere, fauna that is just as dangerous as the enemy AI, all manner of vehicles and wide, really really wide open spaces.

Not forgetting of course the enigmatic, creepy, crazy and skin-crawling antagonist that will haunt your every step and the fact that due to the obscene amount of side activities available the game world will do its best to keep you from charging into the story.

FarCry 4 has a story to tell and that is the journey of Ajay Ghale, a young man who has travelled to his ancestral home to scatter his mother’s ashes. After a short introduction setting the scene for this tale and giving a taste for the world of Kyrat the player is thrust headlong into a first encounter with the brutally scary Pagan Min. From that point on, you’re on your own.

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Playstation TV, review

PSTV_01Call it the Playstation Family, Range or Eco-system the level of device interactivity amongst Sony gadgets right now is a great example of forward thinking.

The latest addition to the fold is the PlaystationTV, a sleek little device smaller and weighing less than a pack of cards. The PSTV is essentially a Vita operating system in a box, it also offers enough entertainment to be on the Christmas list of anybody with a PS4 or even a Vita come to that.

The biggest drawcard for the PSTV is undoubtedly the Remote Play functionality, mirroring the Vita it allows you to plug the PSTV into an HDTV somewhere else in your house and stream your PS4 gameplay to that location. The system is set up for wireless connections, but wired options are recommeneded depending on performance.

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