The Evil Within Review (Xbox One)

Evil Within - CoverA face wrapped in barbed wire on the cover is always going to be a sure sign that this is going to be a bloody, freaky, not for kids kind of game. And The Evil Within sure does deliver on all those prerequisites. Even with all the stereotypical locations and generic people-who-want-you-dead, The Evil Within seems fresh and new with several interesting features that lift it above the level of a Resident Evil clone. So, lets enter the insane asylum and get chased by chainsaw wielding nutters! And on that, just where do you find a chainsaw in a hospital?!?!?

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Driveclub, PS4 review

As seen on Twitter: “The first rule of Driveclub. You don’t talk about Driveclub”.

DRIVECLUB_packDriveclub, it’s a name that has been around for a while. Originally mooted as a PS4 launch title and an impressive looking flag bearer, then it was delayed, then that delay turned into a year. Even now, there is no sign of the parallel launch of the free PS+ version and now a month after a slippy start laced with updates the servers are getting traction.

So, now the game is playable where does it sit in the pack?

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Lords of the Fallen, PS4 Review

Looks sharp, plays hard and the box cover snarls Oliver Reed out loud…

LotF_PS4_Limited_AUS_MA15When a game is specifically built around that fine line between fun and frustration, a deft touch is needed by the developer to find that ‘secret sauce’, which rewards player skill, but also punishes complacency.   Any discussion around Lords of the Fallen has to include the ‘Dark Souls’ series as it shares huge amount of its gameplay design and mechanics with the, From Software games. That said, ‘Souls’ fans be warned. As truly demanding, high-stakes combat has been sacrificed to make this title more accessible to the masses.

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NBA2K15 Review (Xbox One)

Just like a rubber ball, you come bouncing back to me…

NBA2k15_packIt doesn’t seem that long ago that I was reviewing NBA2K14 on the Xbox 360 but now here we have the annual update of the leading basketball game, unsurprisingly called NBA2K15. So what has changed?

Well the fella on the cover is different and, umm, oh, the rosters are updated. But lets face it, fans of the NBA2K franchise accept these annual releases as updates and only want bug fixes, not a complete overhaul of their beloved game. What this means for newcomers is a steep learning curve and enough game options to make your head spin.

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Shadow of Mordor, PS4 review

So Shadow of Mordor wasn’t a Middle-Earth themed homage to another open world series after all.

SoM_packThere’s a single moment that makes every Peter Jackson Middle-Earth movie worthwhile for me, that moment is at the end of Fellowship of the Ring where Aragorn steps out to face an Uruk-Hai warband singlehandedly. He draws his sword, snarls and wades in at a glorious slow motion pace.

My favourite single scene in all those films and Shadow of Mordor lets me be just like Aragorn in that scene, every single time I play it. The Rangers of Middle-Earth play small, but significant parts and this game shows just how brutally skilled they were, encouraging a mixture of play styles and delivering satisfaction by the bucket.

Taking the envelope of Tolkien’s worlds, then pushing it to see how far it can go is a familiar theme and Shadow of Mordor is no different. The story follows Talion a Ranger of the North, who, after a swift enough introduction finds himself undead and on a mission of revenge in the land of Mordor, where shadows lie.

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Borderlands: the pre-sequel, PS3 review

Ozzie & humour are words that don’t often play nicely together, but 2k Australia have it sussed. Strap in for some action its time for Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel!

BLPS_packFor those who didn’t get enough ‘Shoot n Loot’ action in the two previous Borderlands games. 2K Australia, under the guidance of Gearbox Software, have come to the rescue with a game that dedicated fans of the series will love and find very familiar.

The Pre-Sequel has four new vault hunters with all new and varied skill trees to level up. Wilhelm has two air born drones to assist him in battle, Athena brandishes a Captain America-esk shield to absorb damage and throw, Neisha ‘The Lawbringer’, can enter a lock-on targeting mode for the fast dispatch of multiple combatants, and there is finally the inclusion of a playable Claptrap, who is as hilarious as ever. Claptrap’s action skill is very different from the other Vault Hunters. It is a randomised bag of tricks which can range from deploying turrets, setting traps, going ‘Berserker’ with dual weilded guns or brandishing a huge melee weapon, and that’s just to name a few. The drawback is that the player never quite knows what the skill will be, and in the heat of a battle the right or wrong skill could make all the difference.

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