The Order 1886, PS4 review

So here’s the thing, I’m reaching out to Ready At Dawn on behalf of the Internet with an apology. The Order 1886 is actually better than ‘they’ say.

TheOrder1886_packVictorian London, specifically Whitechapel in the shadow of Jack the Ripper, an elite unit of steampunk armed Knights that are members of the longstanding round table of Camelot. If you wanted a new IP, you came to the right place. Throw in some intrigue, politics and a sprinkle of werewolves and simmer for 5 – 6 hours.

Revealed to the tune of excitement when the PS4 was unveiled, The Order was a breath of fresh air. As the months went on and release window slipped the information started flowing. It was a third person cover shooter, the graphics were incredible and the cutscenes were indistinguishable from those mini movies. All good stuff.

Then came the release and the wolves began to feed. Complaints of being ‘overly cinematic’, full of quick time events and worst of all, being short. Let’s tackle these points in reverse order.

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Dragon Ball Z: Xenoverse review, PS4

It’s all about the spiky hair and fighting, well mostly fighting…

DBZ_pack150Dragon Ball Z’s detailed canon has built up over the last 25 years and with it, has grown a huge and dedicated audience. They clamour to watch, play and enjoy anything and everything DBZ! So dear Z-fans, I give you Xenoverse…prepare for another hit of Super Saiyan mayhem.

Previous Dragon Ball Z titles have focused on letting players be the characters they know and love, going toe to toe with them in 2D beat’em up battles. This time round, Xenoverse brings some RPG-ness to the fights, so gamers can craft their own character from one of the four main DBZ races.DRAGON BALL XENOVERSE_20150318205222

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Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor – The Bright Lord DLC

Middle-earth™: Shadow of Mordor™_20150301153840

It’s time to send Guy back, back to Mordor, in the land of darkness where shadows lie…

Shadow of Mordor was my game of the year for 2014, and the latest batch of DLC is full of the Uruk slayin goodness I love.

‘The Bright Lord’ is its own self-contained Campaign which focuses on the back story of Celebrimbor, the Elvin Wraith who later, in the main game gives Talion his supernatural abilities.  He has Saurons ‘Ring Of Power’ and must use it to ‘brand’ all of Saurons Uruk so they will help him seek vengeance on the dark lord.

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Evolve, PS4 review

Welcome to planet Shear, also known as ‘The Grindhouse’.

Evolve_packEvolve, an online heavy game that has tried to break the mould. Bringing co-operative gaming to the fore and offering a whole new direction for First Person Shooter fans. There is no doubt that when it works, it works well, but that relies heavily on the players ‘getting’ the concept and vision of the developers. Which begs the question how many people actually want to play out a fantasy of either being or fighting Godzilla?

There are a large number of online game players that cannot move past competitive battles, games where they can run around and rack up kills with speed and ease. Evolve is not catering to these people, Evolve is about a team of four versus a monster of one, with the emphasis on the word team.

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Saints Row IV, PS4 review

SR4_packFrom lowly beginnings the Saints Row games have taken it upon themselves to be a little less hip-hop while more and more crazy, however there is no doubting the ‘balls to the wall’ sense of humour and the ability to embrace the ridiculous in their worlds.

Saints Row IV on the last generation of consoles was effectively a re-skin of Saints Row 3, the story, should you call it that was beyond ‘out there’. After a short intro that wraps up saving the world and dropping you (literally) into the hot seat at the Whitehouse, there is an interlude where you get to wield your Presidential powers for a few minutes. Then an alien invasion breaks the monotony and sets up the narrative. It is a Saints game through and through, ridiculous weapons, overdone caricatures and Keith David.

Saints Row IV: Re-Elected_20150211211241

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Dragon Age Inquisition Review (Xbox One)

DAI - CoverI once explained the cost of gaming to someone by breaking it down to a cost per hour and compared it to various other entertainments. Golf, three hours on a good day – $5 to $50 an hour. Ten Pin Bowling – $20 an hour. Go Karts – $60 an hour. Even a movie comes in at around $10 an hour.

Where is this going?

Well I just finished the main storyline of Dragon Age Inquisition, have a few left over things to complete but I can say now that it has cost me less than 50 cents an hour for this entertainment. Deluxe Edition, around $130. Time to complete main storyline, 262 hours! Now that is bang for your buck!

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