Skylanders Trap Team, PS4 review

There is something wrong with Trap Team, it just made previous Skylanders games dull and boring.

TT_coverThere must be a secret Skylander Think Tank somewhere in the world, a vault of creativity constantly pursuing where to take the series next. Working out how to build on such popularity, break fourth walls, create new inspiring characters and of course, convince legions of parents to buy more collectibles. I’d love to see it.

Christmas is coming and the Skylanders are back in town, this time they’re not alone. Continue reading

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Risen 3: Titan Lords Review (Xbox 360)

Risen 3 - BoxBeing woken up after you have died will always be a bit strange, but then to be told that someone has messed with your soul just makes it even stranger. Best you find some clothes and sort out just what is going on…

Risen 3: Titan Lords has you returning to familiar territory and seeing so old friends and although there is still a bit of the ‘pirate’ feel to Risen 3, you will find it has returned to the more original ‘medieval’ setting of the original Risen. Now it must be said that I have a real soft spot for this style of RPG. Risen, Gothic, Two Worlds, and Dragons Dogma are some of my favourite games. All come with quite annoying bugs and have met with less than favourable reviews. So be ready for a some what bias write up. It’s not my fault you don’t have such a great taste in games as me… Continue reading

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15 Minutes with Geralt of Rivia, #EBEXPO2014

The Witcher 2 ranks up at the top of my list for most “Incredible opening cinematic” and that was on the xbox360 – I can’t wait to see what these guys do next.

Witcher3_packLast week at the #EBEXPO2014 in Sydney I stepped behind a curtain and into a room that delivered a standout preview of The Witcher 3. After being ushered into a front seat by  the fabulous Stephen O’Leary (Namco Bandai) I settled in to watch two key members of the CD Projekt Red team taking Geralt through their latest demo.

We’ve all seen the youtube trailers and hi-res screens and I’ll say this – they don’t do the game justice. Watching the demo roll out on a massive screen I was quite taken by the level of graphical detail on offer, foliage, lighting, shadows, water effects, ambient sounds – all combining to land a crushing reminder that this is the new generation. Continue reading

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Metro Redux, PS4 review

Some people love getting lost underground, in the dark, with makeshift weapons and a limited supply of oxygen. Over to you Guy.

Metro_Redux_PS4_LoRes“Dammit, I’m out of flamethrower fuel. I know from playing the original Metro 2033, that after I reach the missile silo there’s that absolute shite ‘snot bubble level’. Blobs of goo with heat seeking splash damage, that will kill either me or my NPC buddy in a flash. I hate that bit. Right, I’ll swap the flamethrower out for the assault rifle I saw near the old bookshelf in the other room.  I’ve got a heap of rounds for it from searching corpses. Five med kits, heap of ammo and some cheap deaths no doubt; that should get me past the snot bubbles of death. Geez I hope it does, I really hate this bit. OK, Captain Miller, let’s go! Wait. What? Why are you going left? I’m sure we go right here….hmm. Crap, here comes the blobs of snot…..insta-death any minute now. No!? Awesome!! 4A games has fixed it. Shoot five snot blobs and I’m clear of this section!? I just cleared the worst part of the original Metro 2033 without even swearing, let alone snapping my controller in half in frustration. Redux rules!” Continue reading

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Christmas comes but once a year, so does the EB Expo.

We may have PAX in Australia, but we don’t have an E3 so EB have done a great job creating a beast of a show split across Trade and Public days, giving themselves some terrific retail opportunities and allowing the games industry somewhere local to flex their presentation skill(z) and queue management muscles.

This is the fourth year for the Expo and my third, every year it seems bigger, brighter and better constructed. It is a veritable buffet of game related fodder that offers something for everybody.

Continue reading

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Destiny PS4, review

Destiny, you can’t avoid it. Especially if you’ve been anywhere near the internet over the last few weeks, months, years.

Destiny_packshotDirect from Bungie, the people that crafted the Halo universe and gave birth to the iconic Master Chief comes a new IP, a new brand, a new experience. It was unveiled as a massively connected sci-fi shooter in the vein of Borderlands and to some extent Far Cry. The last two years have been bare in terms of concrete information, but the Alpha, Beta and the touted $500 million dollar marketing spend made it a hot topic all the way up to release.

Of course with great power comes great responsibility and even though Destiny has had an incredibly successful launch the voices that are being heard the loudest are those that aren’t happy. Reviewers and players alike have been denouncing Destiny as repetitive and short lived, but I don’t think they’re the target audience or at base level perhaps really get it. Continue reading

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