A day in the life of the #EBExpo15 (live-ish-blog)

EBLOGO2015It’s time for the annual mission to Sydney, an early start followed by a redeye flight, a few hours on the show floor and time to chat with some like minded people while poring over this years exciting new releases.

The plan is to hit this post up with a story of the day, so let’s see how it goes.

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Nathan Drake: The Uncharted Collection, PS4 review

UC_logoIf there ever was a poster-boy for Playstation it would be Nathan Fillion, erm, Drake. Anyway, he’s back for a digitally remastered trilogy to get us excited before Uncharted 4 beaches on our shores next year and there is much to be excited about.

Developers Naughty Dog are masters of their game, after winning accolades all over the shop you know that they can deliver. The Uncharted Collection takes the previous Drake games into the workshop for more than a quick polish by Bluepoint. They’ve tweaked gameplay in Drake’s Fortune, building on the successes and improvements made in Uncharteds 2 and 3. They have upped frame rates, removed screen tearing, added a photo mode, opened up a new Brutal difficulty and added a speed run mode for competition with friends.

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Pro Evo Soccer 2015, PS4 review

PES_coverCelebrating twenty years in the beautiful game PES 2015 has something to shout about, having changed its name a few times and made various leaps in style it has been interesting to see how the pedigree has been handled.

In recent years the soccer game market has been seen as something of a two horse race, with Konami’s title generally being considered the runner up. This year however it has to be said, PES has delivered and even though it is clearly a different style of title it has bags of potential.

The big issue has always been the lack of licensed clubs and players, for some this can be a stickler and having access to a world database is something they just can’t live without. PES does however make nods to the clubs, by sticking to the alternate fantasy names seen in recent years. Although, honestly, its not a deal-breaker, it really isn’t. If I can cope with managing West Midlands Village, then it must be kind of okay.

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Rugby World Cup 2015 Review (Xbox One)

RWC 2015 - Cover

So the official licensed game for the current Rugby World Cup is here. So where are all the actual players? No real players are actually named in any part of the game! As for spotting a likeness of your favourite player, don’t bother. The two set camera angles are so far out that couldn’t even tell if a lock had swapped positions with the halfback! Not really off to a good start here, but as the saying goes, rugby is a game of two halves and there is still time before the final whistle for Rugby World Cup 2015 to redeem itself.

If I was to go by the old saying, ‘if you haven’t got anything nice to say, don’t say anything’, then this would be an extremely short review. So I’ll ignore that and come from an offside position to try and convert some good out of Rugby World Cup 2015.

RWC 2015 - 1

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Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, PS4 review

MGSV_packUnless you have been living inside a cardboard box, a very stealthy cardboard box, you would know that the latest Metal Gear Solid has recently hit gaming systems. and has been sucking up many, many hours of my life…and its been awesome.

Unsurprisingly true to form this latest Hideo Kojima outing has been designed around stealth gameplay and it stacks up as the best sneaky-sneaky of the series. MGS5 has found that sweet spot in making concessions on realism to create more enjoyable moment to moment gameplay. MGS has always been all about the sneaking, but if “Snake” ever had to go toe to toe in a shoot-out he would be gunned down in seconds or have to run away and hide in a dumpster waiting for a timer to run down.

MGS5 has fixed all that!! Now, at the moment a players stealthy plan goes to crap, the switch from a puny non-lethal pistol to an assault rifle, grenade launcher or even calling in an air strike, is slick and Snake can easily deal death with efficiency and impunity.

Livin' in a box, a stealthy cardboard box...

Livin’ in a box, a stealthy cardboard box…

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2 Weeks and counting… #EBEXPO

EBLOGO2015Just under two weeks before the doors are flung open at Sydney’s Olympic Centre for EB Games and their now annual extravaganza. We might not have an event of E3 calibre, but its a great way to give the industry a pre-xmas hype right on the cusp of Silly Season, also known as the October to November release window.

With hands-on demos galore and the chance to spend time with the occasional developer the show is well worth a visit for anybody remotely interested in seeing what’s around the corner.

Latest press release follows and a few appetite whetting videos.

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