Far Cry 4, PS4 review

Ubisoft show what they can do with a franchise that doesn’t get pumped out every 12 months.

FC4_packYou know what to expect with a FarCry game. Lush environments, bags of atmosphere, fauna that is just as dangerous as the enemy AI, all manner of vehicles and wide, really really wide open spaces.

Not forgetting of course the enigmatic, creepy, crazy and skin-crawling antagonist that will haunt your every step and the fact that due to the obscene amount of side activities available the game world will do its best to keep you from charging into the story.

FarCry 4 has a story to tell and that is the journey of Ajay Ghale, a young man who has travelled to his ancestral home to scatter his mother’s ashes. After a short introduction setting the scene for this tale and giving a taste for the world of Kyrat the player is thrust headlong into a first encounter with the brutally scary Pagan Min. From that point on, you’re on your own.

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Playstation TV, review

PSTV_01Call it the Playstation Family, Range or Eco-system the level of device interactivity amongst Sony gadgets right now is a great example of forward thinking.

The latest addition to the fold is the PlaystationTV, a sleek little device smaller and weighing less than a pack of cards. The PSTV is essentially a Vita operating system in a box, it also offers enough entertainment to be on the Christmas list of anybody with a PS4 or even a Vita come to that.

The biggest drawcard for the PSTV is undoubtedly the Remote Play functionality, mirroring the Vita it allows you to plug the PSTV into an HDTV somewhere else in your house and stream your PS4 gameplay to that location. The system is set up for wireless connections, but wired options are recommeneded depending on performance.

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Sunset Overdrive, XboxOne review

Recently launched author Paul Kleynhans takes this crazy grind-fest for a spin for us.

Sunset Overdrive pack The apocalypse occurs with staggering regularity in video games, but it’s rarely as much fun as it is in Insomniac’s latest game, Sunset Overdrive. Far from the dark and depressing experience such a setting usually entails, it is colourful, upbeat and funny.

It takes place in an open world setting packed with stuff to do. My playtime was extended to over thirty hours simply by the pull of such activities, quite often in the opposite direction of where the mini-map was urging me to go. This was aided by the enjoyable traversal mechanics that made getting around such a blast.


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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, PS4 review

The circle of life, another year rolls by, another Call of Duty explodes into life.

CODAW_PS4Pack2D“In the first 7 days following launch, over 5 MILLION hours of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare were played globally, that’s 623 YEARS of gameplay!”

After strapping on the steel-toe boots of protagonist Jack Mitchell, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare thrusts the player into a harsh sci-fi future, a world teetering once again on the edge of destruction. After a typical introduction to the game mechanics and gadgets Mitchell’s story takes a dark turn when he is terribly wounded and he loses his best friend. Cue the entrance of Kevin Spacey, modelled beautifully down to every wrinkle, Spacey play Mr Jonathan Irons a high power weapons dealer with ambition. It doesn’t take long to spot the dark heart at the centre of his motivation, but of course you have to play along being a key weapon in the arsenal of his Private Military Corporation: Atlas.

What follows is classic CoD and a well-paced campaign to boot, the futuristic setting sometimes feels a little clinical, but on the whole it does everything CoD does well. Along with a few of the things that CoD also does a little too often.

COD AW_Fission Evacuation

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AC: Unity, PS4 review

Should we start a revolution? Or let them eat cake instead…

ACU_packAssassins Creed Unity is the first dedicated outing for the series on the new generation of consoles. Climbing, jumping and slaying enemies is still at its heart, though underlying issues of poor technical performance and ‘safe’ game design may test the dedication of many budding Assassins.

The title’s setting of 18th-Century revolutionary Paris has been created on a huge scale. While the narrative is tightly focuses on a small group of characters in an intimate story of revenge, all told amidst the re-birth of France as a nation. It’s a wonderfully refreshing setting for a video game and gives gamers a glimpse into the past.

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The Evil Within Review (Xbox One)

Evil Within - CoverA face wrapped in barbed wire on the cover is always going to be a sure sign that this is going to be a bloody, freaky, not for kids kind of game. And The Evil Within sure does deliver on all those prerequisites. Even with all the stereotypical locations and generic people-who-want-you-dead, The Evil Within seems fresh and new with several interesting features that lift it above the level of a Resident Evil clone. So, lets enter the insane asylum and get chased by chainsaw wielding nutters! And on that, just where do you find a chainsaw in a hospital?!?!?

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