Review: Nacon “Revolution” Pro PS4 Controller

After spending a good week with the Nacon “Revolution” playing Destiny, Uncharted 4, Steep, Inside and Call of Duty, I have got around to putting my thoughts into a Video Review.

The Nacon “Revolution” is around the $170-$180 mark in Aus and NZ, which for a wired controller is a bit steep. However its suite of features and overall quality is worth the price of entry and makes it a solid alternative to the PS4s Dualshock 4.

Me and My Trico, PS4 thoughts on The Last Guardian

An awful lot has happened in the last nine years, especially to me.

Moved country (again), gained three kids, lost animals, gained animals, lost jobs, gained jobs, kept my kindred spirit happy, movies came and went, games came and went, I self-published books, wrote 4 screenplays that never won anything, fought off the daily black shadow of fear from the Big C and gave birth to this site.

Its been a ball, and in the middle of it all there was something I had to experience, something I yearned for year after year. Every Sony E3 presser I would sit and watch the internet like Batman waiting for Joker to pop up somewhere, I needed news, a whisper or even just a sign of life that Trico was still coming.

Trico, a legend amongst gamers – the product of Japan Studio and Team Ico, the powerhouse combo behind two of the most endearing Playstation experiences ever created and it was attached to the mysteriously titled The Last Guardian. Here are the 2009 and 2016 trailers.

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Nacon ‘Revolution’ Controller (PS4) – Unboxing

Xbox One owners have been enjoying a high calibre controller for some months now, with the release of the first party Xbox Elite Controller from Microsoft. Sony have finally met their user base halfway with two ‘Pro’ controllers, which are officially licensed for Playstation, but are made by third parties. Nacon and Razor have just released two controllers and I have got my hands on the Nacon ‘Revolution’ to put through its paces.

A full review will follow in a few days once I have spent some time with it, but to start with, here are some unboxing pics.

Nice molded box that says: Yep – you have bought quality.

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Watchdogs 2 Review (Xbox One)

Watchdogs was one of the early titles in the life of the Xbox One and was alright I guess. I enjoyed it, even if it was a bit tedious. Others weren’t so forgiving. So how does the second title in Ubisoft’s hacker title fare?

Well, with its new main protagonist it takes itself far less serious this time around but still has its fair share if ‘interesting’ quirks. So grab your smart phone, make sure you have a decent firewall and lets go exploring the beautiful city of San Francisco.

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Steep: PS4 Review

I have been an avid Skier longer than I have been a gamer, which is really saying something considering I owned an Atari 7800! So when a snow-sports video game is released, you better believe it peeks my interest. Fortunately, it turns out Steep is brilliant fun. It breathes life into a niche genre that has been waning in quality for well over a decade.

To pigeonhole Steep as just a skiing/snowboarding game sells it short. It’s probably better described as an alpine extreme sports game, as also included are Wingsuiting and Paragliding. Set in the French Alps, there is an almost limitless range of snow covered mountains to explore. The loose premise is that as a budding extreme sports star, I’m trying to get noticed by Red Bull or Salomon and get epic action videos trending. After an initial guided intro, which explains how to choose an event, score points and customise my rider, I was left to my own devices.

Flagged across a beautiful 3D visualisation of the French Alps region are markers. These allowed me to choose from various events and immediately fast travel to them. Each marker is an event for one of the four disciplines- Skiing, Snowboarding, Wingsuiting and Paragliding. The interface looks great but is a bit clunky to use once there are a dozens of events to choose from.

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The Last Guardian, PS4 Review

tlg_packFew games in recent memory have suffered such a beleaguered development, whilst still managing to capture the hearts and minds of impatient gamers. The Last Guardian has massive stable mates in ICO and Shadow of the Colossus, and under the weight of that pedigree and 10 years of anticipation, it was never going to live up to all that hyped expectation…but I gotta say, it has come pretty damn close.

The Last Guardian is very simple at heart and in fact that’s where its strength lies. Aside from the odd Japanese voice over (with subtitles), there is no proper dialogue. The game manages to tell a story of trust between a child and a feathered beast though subtle story telling techniques. In the opening “the Boy” wakes up covered in strange tattoos, lying amidst the ruins of a lost city. Sleeping nearby is a huge beast…. bird, dog thing.

His name is ‘Trico’. Amazingly, Trico is completely A.I controlled and is an impressive piece of video game design. Aside from his unusual outward appearance, deep down in both movement and emotions, he is a faithful dog. A really, really, big dog. The developers have captured in computer code, ‘Mans best friend’ to a tee.

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Titanfall 2: Review (Xbox One)

tf2_pack3Respawn Entertainment are a seriously talented bunch of developers. They have done something quite unexpected with Titanfall 2’s new campaign by introducing extensive platforming, puzzles and a sense of scale which has more similarities with Half-Life 2 than say Call of Duty.

Unlike the first Titanfall, which was a multi-player only game, Titanfall 2 has a fully fleshed out 7-8hr campaign. It was exactly what I wanted for the next installment for the series. So I strapped on the booster pack of the somewhat tritely named “Jack Cooper”,  a mere grunt in the resistance army fighting an evil, overbearing government force.

Cooper has dreams of Piloting a Titan mech and the early death of his Pilot mentor, means control of Titan “BT-7274” passes to Cooper. Cooper and BT become a team with the simple mission of surviving long enough to make it back to base with important information on a super-weapon. I’ll grant you, as a narrative it all sounds pretty wrote.


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Dishonored 2 Review (Xbox One)


The first Dishonored highly anticipated by many, including myself, as we were teased with visions of steampunk and stealth. Thankfully it lived up to the hype and did pretty well for itself as well as being a top notch game.

This time around with Dishonored 2 we know the setting and style for gameplay so it has to rely on return gamers wanting to see how Corvo and Emily are doing, and has to be a good game on its own merits.

And as I fall in to the returning gamer category, I must say, it is good to be back playing in familiar lands with a familiar heart beat guiding you to treasures…dishonored-2-4 Continue reading

Eagleflight VR, PS4 Review

I’ve had one beady eye on this since it was revealed, amongst all the touted VR titles Eagleflight stuck out as trying to be really different, offering a new experience wrapped up in the excitement and hype of VR. 

Upon launching the title the game makes you feel part of National Geographic presentation, or at least like a willing participant in an Epcot presentation about the life of the Eagle. The echoing narrator and the sweeping vistas of Paris carrying you along, its an absolute pleasure.

The game is set in the destroyed beauty of Paris about thirty odd years after people, fair enough and a clever trick as it means the streets can be overgrown with vegetation, animals can run wild and the programmers don’t have to worry about processing thousands of pedestrians and vehicles. The menu sits you atop the wreckage of Notre Dame and the view is spectacular at first sight, from there we launch into everything that Eagleflight offers.

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Mafia 3, PS4 Review


Firstly, click here and have this YouTube music running quietly in the background….to set the mood.

Righto, now we have the right tunes. The Mafia series of games have always had a strong sense of time and place and Mafia 3 is no different. In fact it is literally defined by its 1960s New Orleansesque setting. It has some of the best characters, themes and music I have experience this console generation. Unfortunately, there are a few missteps along the way that will stop Mafia 3 from being a long term classic. But this GTA clone is certainly nipping at the heels of the giants in the genre.

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