Nights of Azure, PS4 Review

Nights-of-Azure-USNights of Azure in one hand is a very competent and approachable Japanese Hack ‘n’ Slash action game with some clever RPG elements. On the other hand, it is an attempt to tell a contemporary love story between two female leads and is at times actually handled with some grace. That said, any hope of a grown-up, engaging story vanishes in a flurry of gratuitous bikini shots, giggling and wobbly boobs.

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Trackmania Turbo Review (Xbox One)

Trackmania Turbo - CoverWhy are so many of us suckers for a game that makes you want to throw the controller across the room? I include myself in this group, with a love of difficult games. Those gamers who have been around for a while will be familiar with the Trackmania franchise from its PC days. And those who don’t know it, just think Trials on four wheels.  So an easy to pick up, damn near impossible to master type of game. I had trouble getting enough Bronze medals to unlock each racing zone and now need a stack of Silver medals to open up more tracks. A task which seems borderline impossible to me at this stage!

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The Division, PS4 review

Division_banA long time ago in a generation far away a sniff of a game from Ubisoft made my E3 and pushed me over the edge into adopting the PS4. That game and it’s amazing visuals was The Division, a Tom Clancy game of all things and with that title came some stunning photo realistic visuals and innovative gameplay elements. The PS4 arrived as promised, The Divsion did not, it ventured into The Dark Zone and got itself delayed. Well thank goodness for that, because the levelled up package that emerged has become a title that really is lifting the bar for quality.

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Samurai Warriors 4: Empires, PS4 Review

DWE_packPlaying through Samurai Warriors 4: Empires has been a sizable change of pace from my staple gaming diet of Shooters, Indies and Role-playing games. In fact I haven’t played a Samurai Warriors title since the original spun up in my Playstation 2 ten years ago. But, that in itself just shows the longevity of the Hack’n’Slash genre and the loyal fans who continue to follow this series – and buy the games.

Set in feudal Japan, ‘Empires’ has been described as a “conquest simulator”. Essentially you take on the role of a lord and commander for a region of Japan and use the two main aspects of the gameplay to gain control over neighbouring provinces. The goal, to be the overall ruler of Japan.

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Far Cry Primal Review (Xbox One)

FarCryPrimal_LogoInitially I thought Ubisoft were revisiting the ideas seen back in Far Cry Predator so to find Far Cry Primal actually has you playing as a caveman really piqued my interest. The core game is still Far Cry and will have you collecting items and ingredients, as well as liberating camps but this time it is all done without mountains of guns and vehicles. Don’t worry though, you can always hitch a ride on a mammoth if your legs get tired.

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