Skylanders Imaginators – new trailer

Kaos has discovered the ancient power of Mind Magic and is using it to create an unstoppable army of Doomlanders! Eon is calling upon all Portal Masters and Skylands’ greatest mystic warriors, the Senseis, to stop Kaos and his minions. Now, you must use the power of your imagination to create your own Skylanders to battle in the ultimate adventure alongside the almighty Senseis to save Skylands.

Skylanders Imaginators Release Date: October 13, 2016 in Australia/New Zealand

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XBOX ONESIE – Yes, it’s for real and I kind of want one.

Not content with offering the ultimate entertainment and gaming access via the new Xbox One S console, available in 500GB and 1TB versions from today, the team at Xbox Australia has now turned its hand to the world of fashion design, working with some of the country’s biggest film, TV, gaming and sports fans to release their first collection known simply as the ‘Xbox Onesie’. Continue reading

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No Man’s Sky – the non review

No Man's Sky_20160820021409It’s been a while, a while since we were wowed by No Man’s Sky being revealed at E3 and a longer while since I cut my teeth in space dreaming of a game like this. There’s no doubt the unique selling point of NMS is the scale of this operatic vision. Sean Murray and the team at Hello Games have delivered what they set out to do, a near infinite gaming playground that humbles you into submission, it offers up a diluted offering of space travel and interplanetary jumping that sits happily in the realm of any hokum sci-fi.

No Man's Sky_20160811214411Murray has a vision, that much is clear and with such vastness for people to play in he has delivered a sizeable chunk of activity and potential to keep a near infinite number of space travellers entertained. There will obviously be attention goldfish that will fall away once they think they’ve seen everything – probably the same people that couldn’t live without Pokemon Go a few weeks ago. Then there will be the others, the players that have been yearning for an experience like this either since they heard of it or since they played Elite for nights on end in the back of a wardrobe. Continue reading

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Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens review, Xbox One

TFA_packshotIt’s been a long while since I ventured into a console Lego game and it was a pleasant surprise to see that the calibre of these long standing, family friendly titles has never been better. Playing through Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens co-op with my 11yr old son was brilliant fun, and will undoubtedly be a great shared gaming experience we will both remember.

Long-time Lego games developer ‘Travellers Tales’ clearly love the source material, taking great care to maintain the Star Warsyness of the game, but have also taken some well placed liberties to integrate some clever puzzles and co-op centric gameplay. Over the 8-10hrs of the campaign my son and I were actually reliving the movie, all be it with a Lego twist.

TFA01 Continue reading

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Tricky Towers, PS4 Review

TrickyTowersLogoTricky Towers is an interesting little game, it has a pedigree with relatives in the mobile world and is the brainchild of Netherlands devs WeirdBeard. All good so far.

It’s also heading the PS Plus selection for August 2016, which may or may not win hearts.

At its heart Tricky Towers is a reverse take on Tetris, taking the drop puzzler out of the confines of its narrow play area and unleashing the laws of physics. The base game is all about surviving long enough to build the highest stack of blocks before they come tumbling down quicker than a Jenga stack in a room full of drunken hipsters.

TTower_01 Continue reading

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No Man’s Sky – launch trailer(s) campaign

With the 10th August approaching faster than the Falcon on the Kessel Run everybody that has been drooling at the possibility of exploring an impossibly infinite universe will get their dreams fulfilled.

No Man’s Sky is officially Gold, and in around 3 weeks we will know how much life to give up to exploring, naming planets, learning alien languages and joining epic space battles.

Bring it on people.

Here is trailer number four: Survive. It appears the odds are against us and the situation is grim, sounds like fun – No Man’s Sky.

Here is trailer number three: Trade. Thankfully there really is ‘more’ to No Man’s Sky.

Here is trailer number two: Fight. Giving an insight into the combat of No Man’s Sky.

For now, enjoy the first of four glimpses in to the NMS Universe: Explore.

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