Titanfall 2: Review (Xbox One)

tf2_pack3Respawn Entertainment are a seriously talented bunch of developers. They have done something quite unexpected with Titanfall 2’s new campaign by introducing extensive platforming, puzzles and a sense of scale which has more similarities with Half-Life 2 than say Call of Duty.

Unlike the first Titanfall, which was a multi-player only game, Titanfall 2 has a fully fleshed out 7-8hr campaign. It was exactly what I wanted for the next installment for the series. So I strapped on the booster pack of the somewhat tritely named “Jack Cooper”,  a mere grunt in the resistance army fighting an evil, overbearing government force.

Cooper has dreams of Piloting a Titan mech and the early death of his Pilot mentor, means control of Titan “BT-7274” passes to Cooper. Cooper and BT become a team with the simple mission of surviving long enough to make it back to base with important information on a super-weapon. I’ll grant you, as a narrative it all sounds pretty wrote.


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Dishonored 2 Review (Xbox One)


The first Dishonored highly anticipated by many, including myself, as we were teased with visions of steampunk and stealth. Thankfully it lived up to the hype and did pretty well for itself as well as being a top notch game.

This time around with Dishonored 2 we know the setting and style for gameplay so it has to rely on return gamers wanting to see how Corvo and Emily are doing, and has to be a good game on its own merits.

And as I fall in to the returning gamer category, I must say, it is good to be back playing in familiar lands with a familiar heart beat guiding you to treasures…dishonored-2-4 Continue reading

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Eagleflight VR, PS4 Review

I’ve had one beady eye on this since it was revealed, amongst all the touted VR titles Eagleflight stuck out as trying to be really different, offering a new experience wrapped up in the excitement and hype of VR. 

Upon launching the title the game makes you feel part of National Geographic presentation, or at least like a willing participant in an Epcot presentation about the life of the Eagle. The echoing narrator and the sweeping vistas of Paris carrying you along, its an absolute pleasure.

The game is set in the destroyed beauty of Paris about thirty odd years after people, fair enough and a clever trick as it means the streets can be overgrown with vegetation, animals can run wild and the programmers don’t have to worry about processing thousands of pedestrians and vehicles. The menu sits you atop the wreckage of Notre Dame and the view is spectacular at first sight, from there we launch into everything that Eagleflight offers.

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Mafia 3, PS4 Review


Firstly, click here and have this YouTube music running quietly in the background….to set the mood.

Righto, now we have the right tunes. The Mafia series of games have always had a strong sense of time and place and Mafia 3 is no different. In fact it is literally defined by its 1960s New Orleansesque setting. It has some of the best characters, themes and music I have experience this console generation. Unfortunately, there are a few missteps along the way that will stop Mafia 3 from being a long term classic. But this GTA clone is certainly nipping at the heels of the giants in the genre.

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Until Dawn: Rush of Blood VR, PS4 Review

udron_logoNow the fuss and bother around the Playstation VR has come and gone, its a good time to take a look at the launch games that landed in the post this week.

Having had a restrained launch myself I was excited to see what Rush of Blood had to offer. I had seen generally underwhelming comments dandied around and to be honest it was a wrench for me to put the disc into the PS4.

However, its actually a lot more fun than I was led to believe.

Being a truly on-rails shooter (jokes aside please), the narrative finds a weak and flimsy way to throw you into a series of macabre fun fair rides that border between impossible and insanity. As protagonist you sit in a single seat roller coaster car, with an arsenal of weapons in each hand and a heady combination of freakish nightmare creatures to destroy. It’s brutal, bloody, sometimes makes you jump and buckets of fun.

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Destiny: A Hate/Love Story

I love first-person shooters and my all-time favourite series in the genre is Halo. So, by extension the minds behind the combat mastery in Halo, Bungie, are my favourite developer…..or at least they use to be. In 2014 when they released their ‘next big game’, Destiny, and I was all a quiver. Bungies swansong from Halo, ‘Halo: Reach’ was stunning. Then all had gone quiet from my beloved Bungie for a few years until BOOM! Destiny was teased in early 2013 and I lost my shit.

Watching that, Bungie were talking a big game. Both literally and figuratively.

All the way up to release, Destiny was bit of an unknown, but the rhetoric from Activision and Bungie leading into the 2014 launch was that of a huge first-person shooter. With a sweeping story, amazing actors and a players ability to blaze their own trail in the stars. Suffice to say…..I WAS ALL IN! Let’s add it up- Massive money from Activision, Bungie talent, Sci-Fi setting, Co-op gameplay, Epic mysterious story! Everything was there for Bungie to rule the gaming world.

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WWE 2K17, review (PS4)

w2k17_packMy childhood memories of the WWF are of the greats of the sport (I use that term loosely), like Jake The Snake, Ultimate Warrior, The Bushwackers and Hulk Hogan.

Now as a mid-30s gamer, I gotta say, sitting down to play a wrestling game felt a bit weird. Turns out it’s packed with oiled up gaming goodness. It may not be for everyone, but 2K certainly know how to give Pro Wrestling followers what they want in a WWE video game.

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PS4 Universal Media Remote, review

univmedremHere’s a new thing, hardware or rather accessories. I recently waffled on about the Sony Ecosystem and how there was a surge in accessories happening, well here is a look at one of them.

Sony recently launched the Universal Media Remote as a way to remove your favourite Dualshock Controller from the hands of non-gamers when they hog the PS4 on a Netflix marathon. Well that’s my take on it. Generally I would only go looking for a Universal Remote when the one that came with the TV stops working, this little beauty promises to add functionality to your media devices and thus make the supplied remotes defunct.

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Battlefield 1, PS4 Review

bf1_packBattlefield, some of my favourite online moments have been courtesy of this franchise. From Bad Company to today the games have always offered a deep and enjoyable online experience. Wide open maps giving arenas that support full Air, Land and Sea combat. They are also a world of difference away from the twitchy headshot brigade that live for other popular shooters.

Battlefield 1 couldn’t be more different given the last two titles from Dice, both of which Hardline and Star Wars Battlefront each had a good run with the press, but really failed to grab me in the way that Battlefield 4 did. The setting for Battlefield 1 is the first World War, a choice which at first glance could be forgiven for being a dull one. It is however very far from being dull, the setting offers much in the way of somber historical nods and plenty in classic Battlefield gameplay.

Squad! Squad with me!

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Carnival Games VR, PS4 Review

carvr_headWith PS4 VR in its infancy waiting a couple of weeks to release a title like Carnival Games is a wise move. People will be coming to terms with their launch purchases and looking for something fresh and Carnival Games should hit the mark. Having played a previous version on the Xbox360 Kinect a good few years ago I had memories, some good and some bad, but I was keen to see what had happened since then.

The setting is classic mid western fun fair, the Bunko Barker heckling you to join in the sideshow games and a decent clutch of mini-games to take your attention with their bright colours. Most importantly, there is fun to be had, without having to step into a sickness inducing rollercoaster.

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