The Author

Mild mannered, unassuming, wearing glasses – just your average superhero.

After moving to the far side of the world and setting up a home in New Zealand, the last thing I expected was to fall prey to cancer. Especially a cancer I had never heard of, then along came August 2006 and a big dose of reality.

During that time I found that even though there was an abundance of technical literature, I couldnt find anything that spoke to me in a way that I wanted. I needed something light and honest that would help me relax in the face of the challenges ahead. Once my treatment regime was over and my life started getting back together I realised that I could help people in my own way, that lead to writing ‘taking chemo on the chin’.

Of course that was not the end of the story, as I soon found out that big publishers won’t take risks on unkonown authors and touchy subjects, which pushed me down the route of self-publishing to prove the book was worth it.

I did and it is not only me that thinks so, support societies, patients and libraries are all giving good feedback. I don’t expect to conquer the world with a book like this, but I do like to know that I have helped a few people and brought a smile to them in their dark hours.

Thanks for looking.


Richard, (July 2009).