Shadow of War, PS4 Review.

We at Koru-Cottage are pretty big fans of Monolith Productions and especially their game, Shadow of Mordor. We wrote some pretty positive words about it in 2014 in both the Review and the write up on the DLC later that same year. Shadow of War is the next instalment in the Middle-Earth series and is brilliant in many ways, but suffers from some serious mis-steps to. So, join us for another trip into the land where the shadows lie, and check out the full video review below.

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Planet of the Apes: Last Frontier, PS4 PlayLink Review

A seasonal guest contribution by Guy “Browncoat’s”, 15yr old Daughter, Nina. Thanks for reading, more Playlink games reviews coming in the next few weeks.

As an avid teen girl-gamer I enjoy all sorts of video games, from a mindless first person shooter to a more strategic RPG. But above all, I need a game with an engaging story and three dimensional characters. So when Dad offered the chance to play the new interactive movie style, Playlink game, Planet of the Apes: Last Frontier, I didn’t hesitate.

Point and click, Telltale sort of games are built around having great stories and realistic characters. I had high hopes for Planet of the Apes, and it lived up to my expectations…almost.

This game is a PS4 exclusive interactive movie that you play using the smartphone app of the same name, the idea is the central concept of the new Playlink range, which consists of games where smartphones are used instead of controllers. I was apprehensive of this, as I am used to playing Destiny 2 or Skyrim with controller a in hand. Honestly it was so easy to use the phone, and would be very simple for someone who is not as familiar with consoles. The game’s controls are incredibly straightforward; two choices will appear on the phone screen and you pick one. During quick time events, the PS ‘X’ button will appear on the screen and you hold it to engage the action.

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Hidden Agenda – First 15mins of PS4 Gameplay

Hidden Agenda is a game made specifically for the new PS4 ‘PlayLink’ brand. Its probably best described as the next generation of ‘Party Games’, where multiple smart phones connect to a PS4 and allow people to play on the couch together.

Hidden Agenda is a Police thriller and has been made by the team at Super Massive Games, who have serious ‘chops’ when it comes to narrative games (ie:Until Dawn) and they have made, what at this early stage looks like, a AAA title.

Time will tell, a full review will be inbound.

But here is the first 15mins of gameplay with 3 players with iphones and it gives a pretty good idea as to how it all works.

MudRunner: A Spintires Games, PS4 Video Review

I no longer have the time, patience or money to have a good Gaming PC. So even though the original Spintires has been out on PC for a couple of years, I have been waiting patiently for it to finally hit Console.

Frankly, MudRunner has been a pleasant surprise but it has to viewed as the niche Sim title that it is. Sure, it has some similarities to the Euro-Truck or Farm Simulator games, however the pure off-road setting and the impact the terrain has on the moment to moment gameplay makes it unique.  MudRunner still has a bit of jank here and there and the UI still hints to some ‘mouse-n-keyboard’ control options having to be shoe-horned into the PS4 controller. But overall it is my sleeper hit of 2017. There is just no other game like it and in a overcrowded world of Shooters, RPGs and Racing games, and that makes it a bit special in my book.

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Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds (DLC), PS4 Review

I reviewed Horizon Zero Dawn back at the start of the year and even though 2017 has seen some of the best games in years being released, HZD is still currently sitting in my GOTY slot. I have sunk 50-60 hours into it, as well as being a good way into a fresh New Game+ run through. It has been a loooooong wait for November to roll around and some DLC. But finally I can sink my teeth into the one and only HZD content expansion, The Frozen Wilds.

Thankfully Guerilla games have delivered in spades. A large edition to the game world targeted at level 30+ characters has dropped, and the developers have snuck in some cool new weapons and lore. Unfortunately, the much anticipated new skill tree has failed to impress me, essentially the shining up of some ‘quality of life’ changes, that could have easily been done as a ‘patch’, have been given their own skill tree. Sadly the skills are far from revolutionary when it comes to moment to moment gameplay.

That all said, the quality of the world created, its characters and the gameplay mechanics were all sublime in Zero Dawn and its pleasing to say, Guerilla haven’t gone and ballsed it up.

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Dishonored: Death of the Outsider Review, (Xbox One)

The Dishonored games are arguably the best stealth titles created in recent years. I actually struggle to think of any other stealth game series that allows players to move so fluidly through open levels and allows them the freedom to take on levels in interesting or unpredictable ways. The five year journey Arkane Studios have taken us on is coming to a close and to put a bow on the story of Corvo, The Princess, Duad and the all-important Outsider…is Billie Lurk.

Billie Lurk has actually been a constant throughout the Dishonored universe, first appearing in a very minor way in the first game. She is in fact Dauds (The man who killed the Empress in the first game and was the lead in ‘The Knife of Dunwall’ DLC) second in command, and later under an alias of Megan Foster, captained the Dreadful Whale, helping Corvo and/or Emily through Dishonored 2. She is an interesting protagonist for this stand alone DLC as she is neither good or evil, Billie is just a lethal product of a harsh world. She is probably best described as a career mercenary with no loyalties – except for one, the killer Daud – the legendary ‘Knife of Dunwall’.

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Knack 2, PS4 Review

Game mascots have become the touchstones of each generation of Playstation consoles. The first Playstation had Crash Bandicoot, PS2 had …well a heap of them, Jak, Sly, Rachet and more, while the PS3 had the lovable Sackboy.

Playstation 4 has been out for almost 4 years but lacks a mascot character, perhaps Sony have seen fit for Knack to return in a sequel, to fill that illusive ‘Generation Mascot’ gap for the PS4.

PS4 launch title Knack had pretty mixed reviews, and was generally considered a bit of a let-down, especially considering the genius of Mark Cerny was directly involved in its creation. That said, many gamers, including KCs very own Richard, did in fact love the relic riddled adventure and probably thanks in part to these vocal few, we now have Knack 2.

Overall it’s a great game, however some qualification is needed as there is an audience I have in mind, ie: the younger gamer, that is likely to get the most out of this romp, especially if they intend to play Co-Op.

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Yakuza Kiwami, PS4 Review

During the last few months I have been playing a raft of PS4 exclusives that are remasters or remakes of deservedly beloved Playstation I.P. I recently reviewed Wipeout Omega Collection which was brilliant fun, I replayed The Last of Us: Remastered …for the 4th time. Now I have had the pleasure of diving into a remake of Yakuza 1, which was a Playstation 2 classic that I never actually got to play back in 2006.

Titled Yakuza ‘Kiwami’, it is a full remake of the original PS2 title, with new character models, environments, gameplay and Japanese voice over. For those new to the Yakuza series, think of a love child from a JRPG and a compact Grand Theft Auto. There is still the depth of character and plenty of side activities to do, but it doesn’t feature a large open world or vehicles.

It is set in Kamurocho, a fictional district within Tokyo, telling a story of the series long-term protagonist, Kazuma Kiryu. He’s a gravelly voiced, well respected sub boss and heavy hitter for the Yakuza. In Kiwami, Kazuma takes the rap for a murder to protect a friend and after 10yrs in jail he is released to find the Yakuza in turmoil.

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Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, PS4 Review

The King of the action adventure genre has retired……Long live the Queen!

Nathan Drake and the Uncharted series have been at the centre of the Playstation universe for 10 years. Drake bowed out in Uncharted 4, so in the new Uncharted: Lost Legacy, fan favourite Chloe Fraser has taken up the leading role…….and she has smashed it!

Set not long after Uncharted 4, Chloe and Nadine Ross have reluctantly teamed up to find a rare Indian artifact, the Tusk of Ganesha. In a somewhat clichéd yet forgivable fashion, there is also ‘a baddie’ who too hunts for this treasure, to pay for his civil war. The 7-8 ish hour campaign is entirely set in India, amidst lush jungles and impressive ruins.

In a first for the Uncharted series, there is an open-world element. Ruins can be located and explored in any order by driving around in a 4WD jeep. There are three main temples that push the story forward and then numerous smaller sub-quest type ruins, which are up to the player to locate and explore.

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