Prey Review (Xbox One)

Sometimes games, even big Triple-A titles, just fail to pique your interest with all their promotion and hype. Meh, another reboot, another sci-fi shooter, another save the planet storyline…. This was Prey, for me anyway.

Then one snippet of commentary about the game hit my ears, ‘a sort of spiritual successor to System Shock 2’. Excuse me?!?

So I quickly watched a short promotional trailer and all of a sudden I was fizzing like a little kid on Christmas Eve waiting for Santa to bring him a new bike. And what a bike it turned out to be!

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Vikings – Wolves of Midgard Review (Xbox One)

I love when a great game slips right under the radar and surprises you. Even more so when it is a genre you really enjoy. Vikings – Wolves of Midgard, an action role playing game from Games Farm, has done just that. And having just watched all four seasons of Vikings on TV, I am well primed for this adventure.

Unfolding from a central hub that is your home village, you embark on a series of raids to obtain various goals and to unite the tribes against a greater evil. Once each area is united or conquered you can revisit it in the form of a hunt, with the goal of killing a set number of animals or monsters. It is a format that works and with the ability to return to areas, missing out on gathering collectables during the original raid is no longer a game killer.

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Torment: Tides of Numenera Review (Xbox One)

Now this would have to be one of the most painful reviews I have written in recent times…

No, Torment: Tides of Numenera is a fantastic game. A game I have been waiting forever for, since I backed it on Kickstarter a couple of years ago.

The problem is I tried to chop off my finger recently and have just had the stitches out, and typing on a keyboard kind of hurts!

So let me take you through the world of Torment, while going through a bit of torment myself.

Let me just say up front, Torment: Tides of Numenera won’t be for everyone. Complex story lines, just as complex decisions and some quite lengthy dialogs to read, with a fairly high level vocabulary used. But don’t let this put you off, any time invested into the world of Torment will reward you tenfold.

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Resident Evil 7– Biohazard Review (Xbox One)

OK, so here goes. A SPOILER FREE review of the latest chapter in the venerable Resident Evil franchise….

Everyone likes a trip to the countryside, especially if it is to see a long lost loved one. But one look at the Bakers lovely Plantation house in Dulvey, Louisiana would cause a pretty quick change of heart. After all, we have all seen scary movies, and we all know nothing good can be going on in this kind of setting. Well the love Ethan Winters has for his wife is strong, so strong that he doesn’t even hesitate on heading in.

I guess this is going to be a really boring game if the Baker residence turns out to be just a lovely old B&B….

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Watchdogs 2 Review (Xbox One)

Watchdogs was one of the early titles in the life of the Xbox One and was alright I guess. I enjoyed it, even if it was a bit tedious. Others weren’t so forgiving. So how does the second title in Ubisoft’s hacker title fare?

Well, with its new main protagonist it takes itself far less serious this time around but still has its fair share if ‘interesting’ quirks. So grab your smart phone, make sure you have a decent firewall and lets go exploring the beautiful city of San Francisco.

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Dishonored 2 Review (Xbox One)


The first Dishonored highly anticipated by many, including myself, as we were teased with visions of steampunk and stealth. Thankfully it lived up to the hype and did pretty well for itself as well as being a top notch game.

This time around with Dishonored 2 we know the setting and style for gameplay so it has to rely on return gamers wanting to see how Corvo and Emily are doing, and has to be a good game on its own merits.

And as I fall in to the returning gamer category, I must say, it is good to be back playing in familiar lands with a familiar heart beat guiding you to treasures…dishonored-2-4 Continue reading

WRC 6 Review (Xbox One)


Disclaimer! I have not got my drivers license and have never driven.

Yep, I am an over 40 year old non-driver. But I do enjoy a good racing game, although I am typically really, really bad at them. So because of this inability to stay on the track I usually go for more open world racers.

Thankfully WRC 6 is pretty forgiving if you want to zig instead of zag. You may get pinged by a penalty but at least you can continue crashing through the scenery. Too far off track though and the magic respawn fairy will drop you back on track.

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NBA 2K17, Xbox One Review


So, another year has passed and here we have the next NBA 2K coming our way. This year we have, um, Paul George on the cover. I know this because his name is also there. He plays for the Pacers, I know this because it is on his shirt. And I think his left elbow gives him trouble. Other than that, never heard of him. Makes me wonder why 2K don’t regionalise covers like the old Rugby games.

Chuck Steven Adams on the cover down here in New Zealand and I bet sales would go up. Surely there is top NBA players from most regions of the world to make this viable and even profitable for 2K. Just remember to send me a cheque from the increased profits.

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Resident Evil: Umbrella Corps Review (PC)

Umbrella Corps - Box

I do like me a bit of Resident Evil. And this multiplayer only spin off might have even been worth it if it was included with, say, Resident Evil 7.

But even a multiplayer stinker like this has the potential to pull even the mightiest single player campaign down. Harsh words I know, but when a game with so little going for it actually plays poorly as well there isn’t much more you can say….Umbrella Corps - 1

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Total War: Warhammer Review (PC)

Total War Warhammer - Box

So it has been a while since I got stuck into a game on the PC, mainly because of time constraints and the ease, and comfort, of console gaming. And according to I really do need to spend some time on the PC with a whopping 6136 hours to complete all the games in my Steam library. Luckily for me one of the last games I did spend time with on the PC was a previous title from the Total War series so diving back in should be easy, right?

Total War Warhammer - 1

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