Year One

So, it has been an interesting first year for ‘taking chemo on the chin’, admittedly I still have around half of the initial run in my possesion, but that is mainly due to having a real job and plenty of other stuff to concentrate on.

Highlights of my first year in print would be:

• The launch event, complete with a local celebrity and Sophie as the magnificent and glamorous hostess.
• Mr Gavin’s overwhelmed response to receiving a personally dedicated book on his birthday.
• Getting to meet some great folks throughout New Zealand’s cancer related society.
• Being able to share my experience with the people that matter and being humbled by their responses.
• Selling a few copies to other countries was nice.
• Finding my book listed by was a surprise.
• The little burst of excitement whenever somebody I know finds a copy somewhere, in a store or library.
• Having done something to be proud of that I can hold onto is pretty cool.

I guess now I need to try and keep it going, and to that end will pursue some wider distribution now that the verdict is in. That verdict, by the way proves that I was right and the scaredy cat publishers were wrong.

See you on the shelves.


Taking Chemo On Trade Me

Back in February this year, when I launched my book I invited Shortland Street favourite Alison Quigan along, because her character in the popular soap was undergoing chemo at the time.

Alison graciously accepted and came along as the guest of honour, she also headed up a decent size list of popular actors from the series that autographed a special copy of my book. That book was donated to the New Zealand Leukaemia and Blood Foundation in an effort to raise some money.

Fast forward to this week and that book is listed here on TradeMe for the week.

It’s for charity, so sign up and have a dabble.

Remember remember the 15th September

It’s official : World Lymphoma Awareness Day has returned.

The message is simple, don’t be shy, find out a bit more about your body, it’s lymphatic system and be aware of the below the radar disease that is sneaking up the incidence charts.

Get on over to the LBF website and take the  ‘Know your nodes’ quiz.

Know Your Nodes