Extinction – Features Trailer, coming 10th April 18

Watch Extinction’s New Action-Packed Features Trailer

Iron Galaxy and Modus Games Highlight Story, Combat and Gameplay

It’s been a while since we had a solid, yet crazy third person hack-em-up and Extinction seems to be fitting the bill.

Looking forward to seeing what the final build is like.

Full press release / info after the link.

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Coming Soon – The C64 Mini

There have been many times I wished I hadn’t sold my old C64 back in the late eighties, even though it was to part fund my move into the world of the Amiga and the joy that brought about. I now scour boot sales for a glimpse of one of the latte coloured boxes that  gave bedroom programmers some of their greatest moments.

And, now my prayers have been answered – a fully functional mini version of the computer is having into view and I couldn’t be more excited.

10 REM ***The Excite Program***


30 Goto 20


Full press release beyond the link…

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