Eagleflight VR, PS4 Review

I’ve had one beady eye on this since it was revealed, amongst all the touted VR titles Eagleflight stuck out as trying to be really different, offering a new experience wrapped up in the excitement and hype of VR. 

Upon launching the title the game makes you feel part of National Geographic presentation, or at least like a willing participant in an Epcot presentation about the life of the Eagle. The echoing narrator and the sweeping vistas of Paris carrying you along, its an absolute pleasure.

The game is set in the destroyed beauty of Paris about thirty odd years after people, fair enough and a clever trick as it means the streets can be overgrown with vegetation, animals can run wild and the programmers don’t have to worry about processing thousands of pedestrians and vehicles. The menu sits you atop the wreckage of Notre Dame and the view is spectacular at first sight, from there we launch into everything that Eagleflight offers.

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Playstation VR, a week into the future.

ps4_ecosystemIf you’ve been hiding under a rock in Actual Reality, you won’t know much about Virtual Reality coming to Playstation.

Being a major launch for Sony, selling out well before launch, the VR unit is undoubtedly going to be a must-have this Christmas. The unit is sleekly designed, lightweight and perfect as an in-home VR device, especially as a bolt-on to Sony’s existing console base. The form factor is nicely designed and very reminiscent of the systems Playroom robots with its black, white and blue light scheme.

Setting the unit up is as easy as 1, 2, 3 and 4. In fact it is exactly that. Because the cables and plugs are all very clearly numbered in sequence of connection. As soon as the unit is turned on it can take over the UI being piped to your tv, extending the goggles/headset and ensuring a snug fit may take a little getting used to, but its those millimetre adjustments that make all the difference in image clarity and your experience. Once nestled into the headset, earbuds plugged in or full sound headphones if you are that way inclined all it takes is a quick press of the options button on your controller and you are away.

Happy days.

So, yes it works and its easy, which makes it accessible to the masses and while VR isn’t going to shake the world up it is here and able to enhance gaming experiences beyond the 2d. Where the console power sits along this first generation tech we are a while away from getting full on games that support VR with the level of detail expected today. However, there is wonder, there is an immense amount of immersion and even in short bursts that can still have quite a magical effect. Continue reading